Planespotter – Oliver Totzke

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About me

My name is Oliver, I was born in 1980 in Hamburg and currently I live in Norderstedt near the Hamburg Airport. For many years now, photography has not just been my calling, but also my lifestyle.

It may sound peculiar, considering the noise level from jet aircraft, but it truly is very relaxing. As I am rapt with photography on a daily basis, I also ended up heading to the Hamburg Airport one time or another. It was only in February 2012 that I decided to go “spotting” on a more regular basis, which has been going well until now. In March 2012, I had already over 500 different registrations and more than 100 different airlines in my own picture database. At the end of 2012 more than 1600 aircraft and 280 airlines have been documented. This trend carries on…

Some of my pictures can be found at:

  • Planespotters.net
    Visited airfields/airports since February 2012:

  • EDDF – Frankfurt am Main
  • EDDH – Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel
  • EDDL – Düsseldorf
  • EDDP – Leipzig-Halle
  • EDDT – Berlin-Tegel
  • EDDV – Hannover-Langenhagen
  • EDDW – Bremen
  • EDHI – Hamburg-Finkenwerder
  • EDHN – Neumünster
  • ETNH – Fliegerhorst Hohn
  • ________Foreign countries:________

  • EHAM – Amsterdam / Netherland
  • EKBI – Billund / Denmark
  • LMML – Luqa / Malta